Asian Nudes: By Akash Das

25 June - 18 September 2015

A unique blend of art and wildlife photography, the images are reminiscent of highly finished and intricately detailed etchings by old masters.

Galería de las Misiones in Montevideo is pleased to announce the exhibition "Asian Nudes" by indian photographer Akash Das. The exhibition can be visited from June 25 to Septmber 18 from 10:00 am. until 17:00 hs., Monday through Thursday.

The show is based on works made for the exhibition "In search of Asian Nudes", which was inaugurated in Delhi sponsored by the WWF and the Ministry of Environment of India, as a way to raise awareness about the critical situation of the Asian elephant, and it has subsequently toured the world with great success in cities such as Paris, Hamburg or Miami and for the first time is showed in Latin America. These works are complemented with his latest work on the Asian tiger.

Through extensive travels to elephant habitat in India Akash Das has assembled an impressive collection of photographs in black and white which are a unique blend of art and wildlife photography, his images are reminiscent of highly finished and intricately detailed etchings by old masters.

Akash’s photographs are impregnated with a classic elegance and epic strength derived from the composition and style of the artist. They capture the personality of these magnificent creatures and their social behavior arising in the viewer an overwhelming experience that connect us immediately with these magnificent animals.

This confrontation with the magnificence of these creatures also invites us to think and reflect about where the world is heading that is pushing to the extinction to these wonders of nature.

In the world of advertising photography in India, Akashendu Das (popularly known as Akash Das) is a legend. Is one of the most renowned photographers being his work in the 80s a decisive factor in changing the look of advertising in India, especially in the fashion industry.

A keen environmental and social consciousness has always been a hallmark of Akash’s work. Even in the highly commercialized world of advertising he managed to create ripples with his socially conscious images. This happened much before global brands like Benetton came up with their controversial social commentary ads. So, in a way, Akash can also be considered a world pioneer in socially conscious advertising.

Throughout his career he has won more than 120 awards at national and international level.